I have a range of experience in 3D software including 3ds Max, Mudbox and Substance painter/designer - I mainly use Corona and Vray.


I love working on digital design and over the years I have produced a variety of website layout designs, logos and creative content for marketing.


My skills in Post-production have advanced in both Adobe Suite and Nuke softwares however I mostly use Adobe products

My story

I started with a love of architecture at 8 years old when I was drawing up floor plans for my dream family house. Skip ahead a few years and I am at university studying Architectural Visualisation. During my second year of university, I won a competition to work with Visualhouse in central London during my 3rd-year placement.

The experience I gained at Visualhouse led to my being recruited by Minmud studios where I worked during my final year in conjunction with my degree, another huge development step in my growth that I appreciated. I have had the opportunity to work for some of the biggest architects and developers in the world whilst working in this industry, something that I could not be more grateful for.